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Arlos Starport

Arlos Starport is a starport within the Imperial star system of Phylent. It orbits around the planet Arlos. Facilities and establishments include a medical wing and a bar known as The Lodge.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

After the destruction of CSN Cardinal, Daniel Sullivan fled to Arlos Starport, intending to sell the ATAF blueprints and the implementation details of Operation Sudarberg to anyone who would buy them (although he was not aware that he had the data in his possession, as it was heavily encrypted).

The station was also being used to ferry a number of refugees out of Imperial space. Both Clare Barber and the White Knights travelled to the station, to return the plans to the CSN before they fell into the wrong hands.

The station was later attacked by a group of Pandoran soldiers, who set about slaughtering all those they encountered, regardless of affiliation.









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