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Confederation Stellar Navy

The CSN insignia as of 2617

Also known as the CSN, the Confederation Stellar Navy is the interstellar naval force of the Confederacy.

Every world in the Confederacy has a naval presence of some kind, whether it be a fully equipped orbital ring (such as around Earth), or a land based naval base (such as Spirit).

The CSN exists to protect the Confederacy and her members states, both by defensive and offensive means. Though all out galactic war is not a common occurrence (well over two centuries have passed since the last), the CSN is often involved in skirmishes with insurgents and rebels from both independent worlds and, occasionally, the Mitikas Empire. The main force is made up of numerous carriers, battleships and a number of different starfighters of various serving purposes.

As of April 2617, it is headed up by David Turner, a man with a long and highly successful naval history.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

In mid 2617, Amanda Jenkins became the fleet admiral of the CSN, following Turner's forced retirement.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

As the Pandoran fleet began its push beyond Mitikas, the CSN joined up with the UNF in order to coordinate their efforts against the menace. The move diminished the power of the CSN in the first instance, though it began to restore its position as the Enemy closed in on the inner Helios systems.



The CSN insignia as of 2617




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