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Elpis' Gift

The Elpis' Gift is a freighter built and owned by Gloucester Enterprises. It is a box-car type freighter, that can have many different units and containers attached to it.





The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

When the Pandoran army began their push beyond Mitikas space, the allied forces began to purchase a great number of Gloucester Enterprises' vessels, to help with the war effort. The Elpis' Gift was one of the ships taken, the prototype TSB, as well as a number of other high-yield armaments, placed on board and sent to a safe location. The ship was lost due to a clerical error when it was renamed twice (once to The Journeyman, and later to XXX-118-GE-01991#JM), and the records became confused.

Kelly Taylor discovered the location of the Elpis after a dream she had of her family, in which Aaron Taylor told her that she had written down where to find 'hope' in her journal.

Knowing that the prototype TSB represented their only hope of defeating the Pandoran fleet at Sol, Elliott Parks took a gamble on tracking the ship down, using Kelly's journal as a guide. The Elpis was found in the HD 21563010 system, around the planet HD 21563010 Ab itself. The Elpis' engines were failing, meaning that in fifteen years' time it would reach an inescapable point in its deteriorating orbit around the planet.

Parks, Natalia Grace, and the White Knights boarded the ship to search for the bomb, battling a number of Pandoran soldiers who had chased them out of Sol along the way. The battle was fairly chaotic, the winds of HD 21563010 Ab causing the freighter to shudder and vibrate heavily.

The Elpis was destroyed when Parks rammed the freighter into Chimera, to allow Cratos to escape with the prototype TSB, and take it back to Sol. Because the Elpis was stocked full of powerful weaponry, the Imperial carrier was destroyed in the collision.






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