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A raft of technology is to be found in the trilogy, all listed below. The green squares following the profile name indicate the amount of detail contained in the profile, and thus the level of importance to the story.



Advanced Tactical Assault Fighter Angel
Blizzard Dart
Firefly Hammerhead
Hyena Jackal
Khepri Kingfisher
Leopard Lynx
Mantis Nymph
Ray Razor
Rook Scarab
Shale SK-31
SK-34 Sphinx
Tactical Assault Fighter Thunderhead


CSN Augustus CSN Griffin
CSN Ifrit CSN Julius
CSN Leviathan CSN Phoenix
CSN Trajan FFE Draugr
INF Centaur INF Chimera
INF Kraken UNF Amarok
UNF Grendel UNF Grendel's Mother
UNF Talos


CSN Dragon INF Minotaur


INF Sandwalker UNF Cratos
UNF Vortex of Justice


CSN Agent 57 CSN Colonel K
CSN Erik The Red CSN Ironside
CSN Ragnar CSN William the Conqueror
CSN Winter Prince INF Alysha's Calling
INF Bastone INF Crow's Foot
INF Evening Star INF Longbow
INF North-South Divide INF Silversmith's Repoussé
TPA Farrier TPA Homestead
UNF Caledfwlch UNF Crystal Shards
UNF Dust Storm UNF La Machine Infernale 1800
UNF Three Colours


CSN Churchill CSN Livingstone
CSN Sussex UNF Black Orchid
UNF Ice Storm UNF Sapper
UNF Troll Hunter


CSN Dime CSN Drachma
CSN Florin CSN Inca
CSN Marka CSN Peso
CSN Tangka HMS xxx-xxx
INF Astra INF BC-41
INF Blackjack INF Burnside
INF Corvo INF Dirk
INF Dragonlance INF Gram
INF Kalis INF Karambit
INF Khopesh INF Kongo
INF Mora INF Morning Star
INF Qama INF Ragnarok
INF Sai INF Seax
INF Sharanga INF Sharpfinger
INF Shiv INF Stiletto
INF Thunderbolt INF Trident
INF Trishula UNF Artemis
UNF Blackburn UNF Cleopatra
UNF Hopper UNF Joan of Arc
UNF Lady Jane Grey UNF Lovelace
UNF Zenobia

Other Vessels

Calypso's Fancy Code Breaker
CSN Buffalo CSN Cardinal
CSN Merekat CSN Prince of Midnight
Elpis' Gift GCTV-942-GE-00834#LBB
Generation Ship Goon Sunrise
HRH Little John Imperial Troop Transport
Osprey The Bondsman


Sabretooth Skybike
Sled Spider


Antimatter Cannon Dumb Waiter
Laser Type Mag Cannon
Orbital Defence Platform Particle Cannon
Plasma Accelerator Plasma Weapons
Projectile Type Tachyon Star Bomb


Forcefield Handspring Five
Hibernator Jump
Jumpgate Kyllini
Orbital Ring Portable Shield
PPR S.A. Module
Shield Skip / Skipping



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