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Helios Confederacy

The Helios Confederacy is a union of star systems that includes Sol. It has a central government as well as a number of military systems, such as the Confederation Stellar Navy and Confederation Mobile Infantry.

In recent years more and more power has been granted to Sol, hinting that the confederation may be making moves to become a federation instead.

Historically, the Confederation began as a union between three major star systems - Sol, Gabriel, and Alpha Centauri. As more star systems expressed interest in joining, the Union became a League, before finally becoming known as the Helios Confederation.






The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

The Confederacy was first invaded by the Pandoran fleet in November 2621. The fleet jumped into the Temper system, being lured into a trap laid down by the allied forces, known as Black Widow. The Pandoran fleet fled shortly after the trap was sprung, barely an hour into their arrival. When the operation failed (phase two of Black Widow seeing the Enemy reverse the trap), the Pandorans returned to Temper and began to lay waste to the system.

Many survivors of the Independent systems fled to Helios when their worlds were destroyed, and the arrival of so many refugees and immigrants caused an outbreak of infighting amongst the military forces. This lack of cohesion contributed significantly to the losses felt whilst attempting to hold back the Pandoran army.

The Pandoran fleet was eventually halted at Sol in 2624, preventing the Confederation (and humanity) from being wiped out entirely.





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