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UNF Grendel's Mother

Grendel's Mother is one of two twin carriers, volunteered to the United Naval Forces.

Captaincy generally falls to Sima Mandeep.



The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Grendel's Mother made up part of the allied forces that travelled to Aster, to take part in Operation Menelaus. Alongside Griffin, it took up position at a midfield level. Much of the damage it suffered was superficial, although the destruction of Grendel prompted the UNF to launch an investigation into the entire operation.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

After the news arrived that Ifrit had been shot down over Mythos, Sima Mandeep promised the CSN to lend the support of Grendel's Mother to the mission of rescuing the White Knights and salvaging the ATAFs. However, after the Independent World Council received a propaganda broadcast from Jason Zackaria, promising to advance the Mission and push their campaign beyond Mitikas and on the independent worlds, the carrier was delayed at Alba while the TSBs were loaded onto it.

Arriving in the Coyote system, captaincy and all other authority had been granted to Adrian Parsons, who had brought the carrier and the TSBs to the system with the view of loading the ATAFs and the White Knights onboard and immediately making the jump to Apache, from where Operation Sudarberg would be launched immediately.

During the battle, Grendel's Mother was boarded by a number of Pandorans soldiers, who had learned of the IWC's intentions to commence Sudarberg and had landed hijacked starfighters, before infiltrating the ship. A series of bombs planted through the ship, starting with Fireflies and other fighters on the flight deck, lead to the ship's destruction.







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