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UNF Talos

Talos is a United Naval Forces starfighter carrier.




The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Talos was one of the many warships that was sent to the Coyote system to defend it from the invasion of the Pandoran forces. The ship was captained by Jennifer Bailey and acted as the leader of the UNF fleet, in the absence of Grendel's Mother.


The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Talos remained under the command of Jennifer Bailey throughout the Pandoran War, fighting initially on the frontline defence of the Independent systems, and later serving on the frontline defence of Helios.

During the battle of Alpha Centauri, the carrier was overwhelmed by a number of Pandoran vessels, including a frigate known as O'Neil's Rest, who sought to take control of the ship. It was boarded by a great deal of Pandoran soldiers, via Leeches, who began attacking the crew with high-yield weaponry at close range.

Knowing that the ship was lost, Bailey activated the self destruct before the invading soldiers could get to the bridge or the engine room, destroying Talos and killing all those aboard.






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