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David Turner

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameDavid Turner
Date of Birth20th March 2551
Date of Death17th August 2623
Age66 (HOTK)
73 (AOTS)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
RankAdmiral of Fleet (HOTK)
Forced into retirement (TTS)

Admiral David Turner is the senior most ranking member of the CSN. An old man, he puts a lot of stock in family and friends and the support that they can provide in times such as these.


Early Life

He has been very heavily involved in the full project life cycle of the CSN's ATAF project, working closely with Elliott Parks, one of the few people he now feels he can trust.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Turner ordered the assassination of Patrick Dean, fearing that the man might go public with information about the ATAF project, Operation Sudarberg and the true fate of the Mitikas Empire.

In May 2617, he announced his forced retirement to Elliott Parks, stating that the Confederation government wanted him out; they feared he was too old and presented too much of a liability, should he start to make errors of judgement.

Two of his final important acts of Admiral of Fleet was to order Parks to send the White Knights and the ATAFs to Arlos Starport, as a real life test run; as well as promoting the team upon their successful return to Spirit. At the same time he told Simon Dodds that he had done a good job that day, making good on his word to do so once he felt the pilot had proved his value.




The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Though retired from service, Turner maintained contact with Parks at the escalation of the Pandoran War, sending him advice on how to deal with and approach various issues.

After the Pandorans invaded the Helios systems, Turner advised Parks to return to attempting to track down Zackaria and capture the man, so that they could talk. Parks thought the task impossible at first, but Turner reassured him that he had managed to do so once before. He suggested a game of chess to sharpen Parks' mind, and teach him to think ahead and second-guess his opponents. Parks did so, and soon managed to locate Zackaria's private shuttle.

Turner died in his sleep on 17th August 2623. Turner's daughter thanked Parks for being his friend throughout his retirement, and Parks thanked Turner for everything he had done for him over the years.


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