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Enrique Todd

Personal Details [Toggle Spoilers]

Full NameEnrique James Todd
Date of Birth17th March 2588
Age29 (HOTK)
29 (TTS)
36 (AOTS)
AffiliationHelios Confederation
Rank2nd Lieutenant (HOTK)
1st Lieutenant (TTS)
Commander (AOTS)
RoleStarfighter Pilot
SquadronWhite Knights

A member of the White Knights, Enrique Todd has been with the CSN for nearly 10 years. He enjoys staying in shape, encouraging the others to run and exercise with him. He also dedicates a large amount of his spare time to practising martial arts and regularly spars with Chaz Koonan.


Early Life

Enrique was orphaned at the age of 8 when the rest of his immediate family were killed during a car crash. He was raised thereafter by his grandfather.

He joined the CSN at the age of 20, the same time as Simon Dodds. The two immediately became best friends and were soon awarded the nickname, "The Odd Brothers" because of their strong bond. Enrique was raised by his grandfather following the tragic death of his immediate family.

Enrique very rarely mentions his family and will either lie or change the subject if questioned about them or his pre Naval life.


The Honour of the Knights [Toggle Spoilers]

Along with the other four Knights, Enrique partook in the ATAF evaluation program, but was re-assigned to the Temper system upon the squadron's failure to make the grade.

He was partly responsible for the having the Knights removed from the Initial Run strike team against Dragon after both he and Dodds became drunk in the Officer's Club the night before the start of Operation Menelaus.

When a group of Imperial soldiers arrived at Arlos Starport, he engaged in hand-to-hand combat with one in order to give his team mates time to retrieve the ATAF plans for Clare Barber. As the group made to fight their way out, he was the only member of the group whom Chaz trusted to carry a weapon as he guided them out.

Enrique was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant following Griffin and Ifrit's successful return to Spirit.


The Third Side [Toggle Spoilers]

Along with his fellow wingmates, Enrique was en-route to the Solaris system when CSN Ifrit was ambushed in jump by a Pandoran force. After the invaders forced the carrier from jump, the White Knights were evacuated to the surface of Mythos, to the city of New Malaga. Enrique safely made the journey to the surface of Mythos, ditching in the Tanis Sea. Along with Kelly, he swam to the shore and began assisting other members of Ifrit's crew. The group were subsequently attacked by a detachment of Pandoran soldiers who had seen Ifrit and the sleds come down. Leading the attack was Julian Rissard, who took both Kelly and Enrique to a disused mental facility.

Enrique was beaten by Julian Rissard for a time, before he summoned Kelly when Enrique refused to talk. Enrique eventually relented when Rissard threatened to dismember Kelly in front of him, telling Rissard where he could find the ATAFs and where Ifrit had ditched. He later accused Rissard is being a coward and targeting the weak to get his way, leading to the two men fighting. Rissard threw in the towel when Enrique began to win the fight, before he then beat Enrique whilst he was being restrained by two Pandoran soldiers.

Enrique barely survived the incident, losing teeth and breaking a number of bones. Despite this, he went on to volunteer for Operation Sudarberg and also assisted the evacuation of Mythos.



The Attribute of the Strong [Toggle Spoilers]

Enrique became more ambivalent about the war as the Pandorans pushed their campaign beyond the Mitikas Empire, seeming to many neither to care whether or not the allies won or lost, and was simply making use of the time given to him. He became less playful after the events of Black Widow and more focused on his duty, maintaining a steady routine.

After Black Widow, Enrique was taken, along with Dodds and Chaz, to meet the Pandoran forces head on, leaving Kelly, whom he had finally stepped into a relationship with, behind. They maintained regular contact, Kelly sending Enrique amusing names of ships she encountered, as well as her journal updates.

In late 2624, he travelled with Dodds, Chaz and Parks to the core Mitikas star systems, in search of Admiral Zackaria. After encountering the thousands of abandoned warships in Kethlan, Enrique set down on Capitis Duname, helping in the ground search. He attempted to speak to Zackaria when the team eventually found him, reminding the admiral of the time he had been held a prisoner on Mythos. Zackaria ignored him, only willing to speak to Dodds.

Returning to Sol and reunited with Kelly after three years, Kelly asked Enrique to think of something that he would want to do after the war was over and had been won. Enrique struggled with the request and chose to come back to it later.

After discovering the whereabouts of the prototype Tachyon Star Bomb, Enrique went with the rest of the White Knights, Natalia and Parks to the HD 21563010 system, to locate the Elpis' Gift. Finding the freighter, Enrique searched the rear container with Kelly, discovering the bomb there and working with Kelly to repel the invading Pandoran soldiers so that it could be recovered. When Kelly became separated from the group as they took the bomb back to the shuttle, Enrique went in search of her, finding her held hostage by Julian Rissard.

Enrique first attempted to shoot Rissard down but was disarmed, Rissard choosing to fight Enrique in hand-to-hand combat. Enrique broke a rib and lost a tooth during the fight, discovering quickly that Rissard was not succumbing to the degenerative effects of the defective nanomachines as much as all the other soldiers; striking Rissard several times in the face with a wrench did little to harm him. Enrique eventually killed Rissard by arming two grenades on the man's belt and letting them go off.

In the final battle for the Solar System, Enrique asked Kelly to marry him, it being what he wanted to do once the war was concluded. Following the allied forces' victory, Enrique retired from the CSN and moved to Earth to live in Ireland along with Dodds, Estelle and Natalia. He married Kelly in Italy and became a father to two twin girls - Susan and Gemma.


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